FSG - Evolving to meet changing needs

First Step Georgia was founded in 1998 with an emergency mission.  A orphanage in the Georgian town of Kaspi had been found in deplorable conditions with over 100 severely disabled children barely surviving.  

FSG co-founders Jane Corboy and Nino Kadagidze-Zhvania mobilized their contacts and their resources and set out to literally save the lives of these children.

The first few years of FSG were dedicated to medically, physically and emotionally rehabilitating the children who had been found at Kaspi.    


Fast forward to 2012 and First Step Georgia is no longer on an emergency life-saving mission. Today, FSG is known for a broad range of abilities, including 

  • their experience and expertise in the care of and modern developmental practices for children with disabilities
  • as owners of one of the (if not THE) most modern and well-equipped facilities in the region, built specifically to the needs of children with disabilities
  • as strategic partners for the Georgian government as it tries to re-shape it's social policies
  • their ability to provide training to others in the social services' field
  • cutting edge programs, such as Early Intervention 


Going forward, FSG will strive to reach more children with disabilities in Georgia through broader training and collaboration efforts; to expand the programs we offer at the Day Care Centers to allow more children to benefit from our services; to broaden the possibilities for integrated education; to continue to encourage and empower parents; to advocate tirelessly with society and the government on behalf of these children.