New Project with the support of the U.S. Embassy

Since August 2014, the "First Step Georgia" with the support of the U.S. Embassy, starts  11 month project - “Promote Social Inclusion and Wellbeing of Ethnic Minority Children and Youth with Disabilities and Raise Disability Awareness in Marneuli, Kvemo Kartli Region”

The project aims at promoting protection and fulfillment of the rights of children and youth with disabilities from ethnic minority families and enhancing their social inclusion in Marneuli (Kvemo Kartli Region). Marneuli has been selected as a project site according to the number of ethnic minority group; the city is mostly inhabited by Azeri population – 83,1%. The project will significantly contribute to civic engagement of children and youth with disabilities from Azeri population and their families in decision making processes and promote democratic practices. In addition, the project will support public education and advocacy in disability field. The project will strengthen knowledge and skills of representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations in disability area and raise disability awareness.


Project Objectives:

·        Conduct situation analysis on the barriers and problems hampering social integration of Azeri children and youth with disabilities in Marneuli. This objective will identify the areas that should be addressed by the local and central governments and community.

·        Strengthen capacity and knowledge of representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations and ethnic minority community in disability area.

·        Promote implementation of the CRPD and the State Action Plan at the local level through establishing the Disability Advocacy Network.

·        Raise disability awareness and promote positive social attitudes.


Project Beneficiaries:

·        24 parents of Azeri children with disabilities and Azeri youth with disabilities; representatives of local government, ethnic minority community, education and health system, social service system, and media.

·        12 members of the Disability Advocacy Network that will be trained in advocacy

·        1000 Azeri children and youth with disabilities and their parents in Kvemo Kartli Region will get information about the disability in general and providing


Project Results:

As a result of the project first in Qvemo Qartli region will be first time studied  the condition of ethnic  persons  with disabilities; raise awareness of the co-operation through  training and PR- campaigns. Local governmental and non-governmental resources will retrain in this  issues (persons with disabilities). We will set up Advocacy Network, which after   finishing of the project will guide processes of social integration.