Early Intervention Program Introduces “Alternative Communication”

First Step Georgia s Early Intervention Program has been implemented for 3 years, and recently began applying a new method of alternative communication, beginning in early childhood.


Alternative forms of communication play an important role for children who are unable to establish verbal communication with people around them. When children have difficulties expressing their needs and wishes verbally, it is necessary to find alternative ways of communicating, which can include appropriate symbols, pictures and drawings.


Using alternative communication facilitates children`s relations with people around them. For example, if a child wants to drink water, he or she shows a card depicting a glass filled with water. If they want to go to the playground they show the corresponding card. This method allows those who live or work with children with communication problems to avoid behavioral issues due to a child s frustration at not getting their message across. Alternative forms of communication significantly ease tensions and increase positive interactions and relations with family and educators.