"Society is judged according to how it treats it's weakest links."*



We are grateful for the support that comes from the Georgian Government in the form of vouchers for a large number of our children.  However, the total monthly costs for providing education, food, transportation and medical services are much greater than the vouchers cover.


First Step is dependent on corporate, charitable and individual donations to help bridge the costs for services for the children in the Day Care Center, Home Care, and the Early Intervention Program.   We have been blessed with tremendously generous and kind hearted support over the years.   But we need support going forward too. 


Support for an organization such as First Step Georgia comes in many forms ... people volunteer to paint buildings, plant gardens, cook a special meal for the children, play for an afternoon; Corporations, organizations and individuals donate funds that we put to use directly on behalf of the children.  


However there are other forms of support we receive that are extremely valuable for as well. Examples include:


Pro-bono legal services                                                                 

                  Donation of time, services or supplies      (paint! paper! balloons!) 

                                        Underwriting of gas, electric or water bills 

                                        Provision of medical equipment, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. 

     Reduced Fees for Services (like the creation of this website)


We would like talk to you about the variety of ways that we recieve and use support for these children.  A child with disabilities who is waiting for a sponsor so his family can send him to Day Care, would love it if we heard from you. 



*Gideon Sa'ar, Israeli Minister of Education