Jan 15 2013

Sensory Integration Room for First Step Children

First Step Georgia is fortunate to have a Sensory Room to help develop a variety of skills and senses for our children. The Sensory Room is equipped with a range of developmental materials and toys for this specific purpose.

Development of the senses, and developing appropriate response to new or different sensations is part of any child's developmental path.  For children with special needs, often their reaction to sensations are either muted or hyper-reactive.  

To help our children develop their senses and to help them moderate their reactions to sensations, First Step uses the time in the Sensory Room to develop and stimulate their responses in a balanced manner.  

The room is gentle and soothing and exists to develop a range of senses:

  • Balance and large motion motor skills are tested and developed on the swing and in the 'ball pit'. 
  • The sense of feel is stimulated through various textures - smooth / rough, hard / soft, gentle / touch, fuzzy / slippery throughout the room. 
  • Sound is developed and enhanced with gentle rhythms and patterns on a background soundtrack.  
  • Visual – alternating lights, colors, patterns and forms all work together to help develop visual skills and eye tracking capabilities.