First Step Georgia (FSG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children with special need by providing direct care, public advocacy, family support services and training.

FSG exits to create safe, supportive and nurturing environments for children with mental and physical disabilities so they can receive the specific educational, physical, mental and medical support their conditions require.


We strive to create these environments in several ways:

  • In our day care centers, where we provide direct services to and for disabled children
  • In the private homes of disabled children, where we provide services, training and support to children and the families of these children, lessening their isolation
  • In broader society, where we work to de-stigmatize disabilities in general
  • On policy levels, where we lobby the government to be more aware, inclusive, supportive and responsive to the particular needs of this group of Georgian citizens.  


We rely upon grants and financial support from generous, compassionate and forward thinking individuals, organizations, corporations and international aid agencies to fund the services we provide.


Consistent support over the years has allowed FSG to become the leader in the CIS Region for its high standards of care and services for children with special needs.

  • FSG offers a modern facility, unrivaled in the region, where highly trained care givers, doctors and therapists deliver advanced, internationally recognized standards and methods of education and training for those with disabilities. 
  • FSG is a strong partner of the Georgian Government, as we work to continually increase the depth and scope of services available to disabled children in Georgia.
  • FSG is a sought after training center for other service providers seeking the highest levels of training available in the area.
  • FSG has become a resource for families of children with special needs from as far away as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, who travel to Georgia with their children, because they have recognized the superior services and results that are found at First Step Georgia.
  • FSG has achieved huge strides as an organization, helping individual children and advocating for rights and services for all children with disabilities in Georgia