2012 - 2015 Strategic Priorities

Strengthening the core programs we already offer:

  • Early Intervention Service 
  • Day Care Centers 
  • Home Based Care Program


Further developing awareness of the rights and needs of children with disabilities with: 

  • Advocacy programs reaching out to the public and government
  • Increased social awareness of those with disabilities
  • Education, counseling and empowerment for parents


Further integration of children with disabilities into society by:

  • Promoting integrated (special) and inclusive education
  • Developing inclusive vocational education
  • Developing additional rehabilitation and non-formal educational services


Sharing our skills, knowledge, best practices and abilities with a broader audience, in order to increase the reach and scope of services available to all Georgian children with disabilities:

  • Training programs for government and NGO sector professionals in Georgia
  • Training programs for parents of children with disabilities in areas of Georgia beyond Kutaisi and Tbilisi
  • Training programs for professionals and parents outside of Georgia