Ekaterine Dzneladze-Rekhviashvili, MBA is a Chairwoman of The First Step Georgia (FSG) board -a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children with special needs by providing direct care, public advocacy and  family support services.

Ekaterine works for the Curatio International Foundation  (CIF) since 2011. The CIF focuses on health policy and health systems issues in  Mrs. Dzneladze manages a portfolio of programs, which CIF implements in various countries and regions of the world and she brings more than 15 years of experience in Financial and Project Management.

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George Loladze - has over 18 years experience in enhancing the business environment, building the securities market and establishing best corporate governance principles in Georgia. He has participated in drafting national strategic papers and has practical experience in managing SMEs in a transitional environment as it moves towards a market-oriented economy.   He drafted and amended basic Georgian laws regulating business and the investment climate, and participated in advocacy and practical implementation of this legislation. 

George is a founding member or director of several key governmental and non-governmental institutions that promote better business environments and furthering dialogue between the private and public sectors. He has organized international conferences and seminars to this end, has supervised and participated in developing training materials and has trained in corporate governance and the securities industry.

George has edited a number of periodicals on economy, financial markets and corporate governance. He is a member of the boards of joint-stock companies, NGOs and self-regulatory organizations promoting the principles of the democracy, open society and a free market economy in Georgia. He was Chairman of the Executive Board of the Open Society - Georgia Foundation in 2008-2010 and has been Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Georgian Stock Exchange since its foundation in 1999.


Nato Alhazishvili - works for the United Nations Development Program and is currently Deputy Resident Representative. She has worked on a variety of issues of international development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  Nato holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from State University of New York at Albany.  She has been working and living outside Georgia for more than seven years, and contributes her vast experience from other contexts. 

Nato stayed involved with FSG because being a part of this organization gives her the opportunity to contribute to her country even from afar.  She began helping disabled children in the Kaspi Orphanage in mid-1990s and became a Member of the Board of First Step Georgia in 2001. Her commitment to FSG grows out of the conviction that helping children with a disability to become full members of society will make Georgia a better place, and that FSG has the best combination of experience and knowledge to achieve this goal. 


Tamar Kaldani - Personal Data Protection Inspector Of Georgia.     


Tinatin Gugberidze - Fredholm is currently working at the position of Head of Markets at KPMG Georgia LLC. Prior to KPMG, Tinatin held a position of Director of Marketing and PR Department at Caucasus University as well, as she used to teach at Caucasus University and Georgian Technical University. Tinatin worked as a business consultant for several companies.

Tinatin holds an MBA from Caucasus School of Business, and MA from Georgian Technical University. Tinatin has a vast international experience, as she participated in various international programs during her career, namely she holds the certificates in “ Fundraising and Development” , IVLP Programme , US State Department, USA; “ Leadership and Management” from Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands; “ Support Systems for Women Entrepreneurship in Small Businesses at National and Local Levels” from Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center,Haifa, Israel ; “Small Business planning and Promotion” from  NIESBUD, Noida, India,etc.

Throughout her career, Tinatin wrote several articles for the media, commented on the marketing issues and participated in numerous events and conferences aimed at both business and civil society development.

She is a member of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee at American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia and the member of Marketing and Advertising Committee at ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Georgia.

Tinatin has the strong business development skills and the willingness to contribute to the development of the NGO sector in Georgia. She enjoys being part of FSG Georgia and to bring some value to the society she lives in. 


Charlotte Emborg - Danish Citizen- came to the Caucasus in year 2000 where she since then has worked and lived  both in Georgia as well as in Azerbaijan.  She graduated Copenhagen Business school, hereafter  she obtained a degree in Corporate Event Management from the UK.

Prior to coming to Georgia she worked for the Coca Cola Companies Marketing department, then  working with one of the leading production companies organizing large scale concerts with  international recognized artists and bands.

Since coming to the Caucasus Charlotte has worked as a consultant for the Oil and Gas Industry  and headed up an Electrical Engineering company contracting the industry.  In 2003 she began her  work with Batumi Oil Terminal limited as Head of Administration and at the same time heading the  HR department for Georgia Transit Limited.  Presently working for Batumi Oil Terminal and Batumi Sea Port limited as the PR/International affairs manager.


Mary Ellen Chatwin - Mary Ellen Chatwin earned a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Basel, Switzerland and has a Masters in Development Studies (IUED Geneva) and in Ethnology (University of Neuchatel).  She is a member of the Swiss Society of Ethnology.  Her experience working with non-governmental organizations spans several decades and includes creating local NGOs (Switzerland and Georgia), project development (Africa, Middle East and Caucasus), managing and evaluating social policy programs as well as teaching organizational development and research (Georgia).  She is a certified trainer for Making Cents International, and trains in youth financial literacy in both private and public schools.

Mary Ellen coordinated the first Biodiversity Country Study for the Global Environment Fund in 1997 and remains actively involved with environment issues.  She was Social Policy Advisor from 2002-2004 for the Georgia Community Mobilization Initiative (USAID), then Advocacy Advisor for World Vision International in the Middle East and Eastern Europe region (MEER) until 2009, creating and monitoring child protection, education and disabilities programs.  She edited the publication Including All Children: Guidelines for Parents of Children with Disabilities published by World Vision International, and formerly edited the English version of the journal Social Policy in Georgia, funded by USAID.

Ms. Chatwin is a Member of the Board of First Step Georgia representing Next Step Ireland, with the mission to seek new solutions to changes in the organizational environment.  In 2007 she was awarded Honorary Membership in the Georgian Association of Social Workers, and is National Secretary of Servas Georgia, an international peace organization.


Lado Kandelaki - 2011 - Present      Hospital - Medical Center # 1,     Chairman 2013 - Present     “Lucky Group” LLC,         Founder/CEO; Tbilisi Humanitarian-Technical University, “Wood production technologies and cost savings”     PhD Degree in mechanical engineering and technology, 2010-2012. Tbilisi Humanitarian-Technical University, “Management of Material Production”, Qualification of Economist-Manager, Masters Degree, 2003-2006.


Nino Zhvania - As one of the co-founders of First Step Georgia, Nino always been at the heart of organization.  Her dedication, commitment and compassion have provided First Step with so much critical support.