2011 Summer Program for Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus children with Disabilities


In June 2011, First Step Georgia created a summer program in Ureki, Georgia on the Black Sea coast, for Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian children with developmental disabilities.

The program lasted for 2 weeks, and during this period, 25 children with disabilities and their families visited the Sanatorium “Kolkhida” for holiday and psycho / social rehabilitation.

The psychologist and special education teachers of First Step Georgia designed and implemented a program with the goals of developing the children's social and communication skills, bettering their interpersonal skills and becoming more independent.

Feedback on the Summer Program was great:

“The specialists worked well with our children. Children who initially did not communicate with anybody were interested and involved in the learning process. They are qualified specialists. Thank you very much for your work.”

“The program was implemented in the very friendly environment, the activities were various and covered the physical training, motor function development and music therapy.  My child was happy to attend these lessons. She liked the planned activities very much, mostly those where the washing foam was used. It was new for her. There was an individual work done with each child and every lesson was different. We also received a lot of information about how to work with children at home and at school. Thank you for your work”.