Sep 25 2015

One of the most considerable wealth that First Step Georgia possesses is a circle of devoted friends and supporters whose backing and assistance are always felt by our children. One of the distinguished figures among our friends is the Ambassador of Brazil in Georgia, H.E. Carlos Alberto Lopez Asfora who has been a devoted supporter of First Step Georgia for years, and whats more, in 2012, he was not only one of the initiators of the Charity Gala Concert, but an active participant as well.

This time, after the end of his term as an Ambassador, Mr. Asfora offered our organization a generous gift – his own car, before his departure. First Step Georgia will use this gift for charitable purposes based on needs of the children and organization.

On behalf of our organization, our children and their parents, we would like to cordially thank Mr. Carlos and wish him a successful and fruitful career in the future.